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Season 1   |   2022   |   Additional Music Composer

Director: So Yong Kim, 

Producer: Leanne Moore

Exec Producers: Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch

Starring: Fivel Stewart, Alfred Molina, Kara Hayward

8 x 30 mins   |   Apple TV


Spanning genres from magical realism to psychological horror, these eight stand-alone stories feature ordinary women in some pretty extraordinary circumstances.


"... a mini-western/buddy movie that looks fantastic and makes excellent use of Alfred Molina as a baddie." - The Guardian

"As a portrait of women, Roar recognises the specificity in individual identities while casting relatable perspectives on motherhood, relationships, career-building, and more. It’s as easy to love as it is to admire..." - Indiewire


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