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Season 1   |   2022   |   Composer

Director: Paul Andrew Williams

Producer: Jo Johnson

Writer & Exec Producer: Jeff Pope

Starring: Stephen Graham, Dean Charles-Chapman, Andrew Ellis, Leanne Best

5 x 60 mins   |   ITV


With a looming Brexit vote wreaking havoc across the British political landscape, tensions are high for activist Matthew Collins and his advocacy group Hope Not Hate, who fear a violent, racist campaign from far-right extremist group National Action. With the police having limited intelligence on the far right, Matthew needs an inside man in the organisation.


"One of the best TV investments you can make..." - The Guardian

"... this gritty, disturbing drama manages to squeeze pathos out of one of the most troubling stories in recent British history." - The Independent

"The Walk-In makes for uncomfortable viewing... It's gripping drama, and I'd argue, necessary viewing." - Evening Standard



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