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Comedy/Drama Series   |   2023   |   Composer (with Tawiah)

Director: Justin Martin

Producer: Hannah Pescod

Exec Producers: Rebecca de Souza, Roanna Benn, Manpreet Dosanjh

Starring: Johnny Flynn, Roisin Gallagher, Conleth Hill, Alice Eve

6 x 30 mins   |   Sky Atlantic


The series follows Janet, a foul-mouthed, hilarious Belfast supermarket worker who couldn't give a shit about anything much at all, including her life, and Seamus a handsome, self-centred political broadcaster with what looks to be a perfect London life with a celebrity girlfriend. 

So when Seamus unexpectedly drops into Janet's world they instantly clash - and yet find themselves inextricably drawn to each other...

"The kind of intoxicating show that lodges itself under your skin and you can't stop thinking about it afterwards." - Heat

"Finds humour in despair, giddy innocence in adultery and touches of joy and melancholy in unsentimental banter." - Financial Times

"A brilliant rom-com with as much bite as it has heart." - Evening Standard



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