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Documentary Series   |   2022   |   Composer

Director: Sam Benstead

Producers: Barry Ronan & Rajesh Thind

Commissioned by: Tom Barry & Janine Thomas

3 x 60 mins   |   Sky


Following the journey of five of the most memorable teams – England, Italy, Cameroon, Yugoslavia, and the Italia 90 World Cup Winners West Germany - this three-part documentary will combine edge–of-the-seat drama on the pitch with the momentous historical shifts that were happening beyond it. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the civil wars of Yugoslavia; English hooliganism of the 1980s to the rise of a new culture of football in the 1990s, we will discover how Italia 90 was a tournament played in the crucible of a changing world.


"One of the best TV investments you can make..." - The Guardian

"... this gritty, disturbing drama manages to squeeze pathos out of one of the most troubling stories in recent British history." - The Independent

"The Walk-In makes for uncomfortable viewing... It's gripping drama, and I'd argue, necessary viewing." - Evening Standard



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